10 Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts for Your Sweetie

Long-distance Relationship Gifts

Distance is not an excuse in giving generous gifts to your partner. You can always express your love to your love-one even miles away. Make your gift-giving more fun with these ten best long-distance relationship gifts that your partner will surely love.

Hand-written Love Letters

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This type of gift is a classic, yet never fails. Sure, FB messages are one click away, but nothing beats hand-written letters. Have it delivered via snail mail; there are teams of artists online that could help you with that.

Jar of Messages

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Another option if you like hand-written letters is this. But, if your partner is not fond of reading long pages, this is the best idea. Put a lot of small notes indicating why you love your partner and then decorate them in a jar to make it more pleasing.

Love Coupons

Coupons are small and cute, but they are meaningful. You have many choices as you can customize them according to your liking. These personalized gifts will make your partner emotional especially if you will tell your love story by this cute idea.

Bond Touch Bracelets

If you’re looking for one of the best long-distance relationship gifts, this might be what you’re looking for. These bracelets can instantly make your partner know that you’re thinking of him/her because these let you exchange touches by tapping the bracelet on your wrist.

Touch Lamps

Another option if you like our bond touch bracelets idea is these touch lamps. These lamps will glow when you tap them. Each lamp must be set up with Wi-Fi, and when you miss your husband or wife, simply tap it, and it will connect to the other one.

Matching Pillowcases

Customized pillowcases can give a different vibe of a matching gift. You can put a cute picture together on the pillow with a matching love quote. This will make your partner think that you’re together whenever they’re about to sleep.

Gift Baskets

Collect your partner’s favorite stuff or their wishlist and put them together in a gift basket. He or she will be surprised how much effort you have put just to gather his or her favorites. The result? A complete-package gift!

Wood Boxes

If you want a sentimental vibe, here’s for you. Place your favorite couple photo in a wood box, and your partner can display it at their bedside table. Whenever you miss each other, simply look at the picture and reminisce about all your happy moments.


Who doesn’t like cakes as a present? Good thing, there are cake shops online that offer international overnight shipping. Make your cake extra by putting customized messages. Also, you can add a bouquet of flowers or any gift that your love-one will like.


Flowers never fail to make a girl’s heart flutter. Add a bit of twist by sending a real flower that lasts. Or if you’re a little fancier, you can schedule monthly flower deliveries for her. Besides, adding a small gift like a stuffed toy will always do the job.

Boyfriend Socks

If flowers are perfect for girls, socks are the go-to gift for guys. Customize the design or you can buy a few with his favorite cartoon characters. There are lots of choices to choose from in department stores.

It is a nice gesture to remember your partner every now and then. Give gifts and surprise them unexpectedly with these ideas. What’s your favorite from this list of the best ten long-distance relationship gifts? Send them to your partner now!

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