Be Trendy While You Choose Scarves As Gifts For Men

Be Trendy While You Choose Scarves As Gifts For Men

Fed up of browsing the ‘gifts for men’ section on different digital marketing site? And still not sure what to buy for the man whom you want to remind of your presence through the gift? It’s not that tough even, if you have a clear picture about the list of the person’s like and dislike. If the man you are shopping for follows trend religiously, you can opt for scarfs as it’s quite up as a fashion among men.

Three Simplest Yet Trendy Scarf Knots For Men – Know Before You Buy Gifts For Men

When you have made your mind up for buying gifts for your dear one and you have decided to go for a scarf, you should know about the three recent fashion-ins with it. It’s true that the scarf adds to your style statement depending on the draping pattern. However, one should know how to carry the dress well before he takes up a fashion following the trend.

Draped Scarf – Simple But Elegant

Included scarf as an option in the list ‘gifts for men’? Then know whether the person you are planning to buy the gift for is a fan of formal. If yes, you can buy a scarf just keeping in mind his favorite color. If a scarf, perfectly contrast in color with the shirt worn by the guy, is draped over the shoulders, no doubt the guy is capable of stealing the show.

Reverse Scarf Drape – Just The Opposite

Yes, the difference between draped scarf and a reverse scarf drape is nothing but the direction of the open ends of the scarf. Easy to wear this style gives you a classy look if worn with a full sleeve T along with jeans. Not only that, if you are capable to carry it with confidence, it can go well with formal clothes.

Tie Scarf – A Combination Of Formal And Informal

Bored with the monotonous formal wearings? But do not have much idea about informal put-ons? Don’t have to worry much when you have scarf and trust me that can magically change the look if you drape it as a tie scarf. Not a rocket science at all. Just take the open ends in one side of your shoulder and bring them through the closed end of your scarf. It looks like a tie around your neck turning your boring formal dress into a cooler one.

Twice Around – Keeps You Warm And Hot

This style of draping your scarf is quite in trend and probably the easiest one. In fact twice around is not even something where you have to tie the scarf. It’s just as easy as wrapping the scarf around your neck twice. It not only gives you the style statement, at the same time, it helps you from getting exposed to chilly weather. You can wear it with casual jacket or a half sleeve sweater worn with a combination of dark shaded jeans. The scarf will be displayed as a more prominent adornment.

We know boys run short of options in terms of fashion and style. Neither they have enough patience to invest much time behind it. However, that does not declare that they do not indulge an urge to look good or be at the limelight with their dressing sense. A scarf is an easy accessory that can change their ordinary appearance into a classy and trendy one. Hence, before stepping out to shop for your dear one, do not forget to add scarf in the list of gifts for men.

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