Best 3 Couples Therapy Showtime

Couples Therapy Showtime

We loved how unique and real the Couples Therapy Showtime documentary series was. Shows like this are gems because we rarely get shows that depict reality and real-life problems. In short, this show paved the way for us to unlock the hidden truth of the couple’s pains and aches. We bring you the best three therapy showtime episodes on our list!

Episode 2: Annie & Mau (S1)

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Annie and Mau were undeniably one of the most controversial couples in the show. They even mentioned that they were married for 23 years. In this episode, they became very open and vocal as they discussed their sexual issues.

It featured that Mau needed sex every day, but Annie argued with that. It was also revealed that they were not sexually compatible, according to Mau. This situation is very hard to conclude because being with a partner and not sexually compatible is kind of surprising. Many said that Mau needing sex everytime is one way to keep their relationship going.

This specific episode garnered many reactions to the show’s viewers, as many people shared their different points of view, principles, and beliefs about the couple’s problems. There was even a debate on whose side they were on. Based on the audience’s response, they were undeniably engrossed in this particular episode, with the couple and the topic.

Episode 6: Elaine & Desean (S1)

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This couples therapy showtime episode tackled the couple’s issues regarding the impact of racism on their marriage. Their conversation here was intense as they both have a lot to say with one another.

Racism is a controversial topic and seeing couples talking about it and sharing their opinion can give so much lesson to the viewers. While few are open about this, many still believed in their own perspectives and find it hard to be open with racism.

Of course, this episode gained multiple opinions from the avid viewers of the show. There was even a blog thread wherein they discussed their takeaways and their suppressed “emotions” regarding the couple, particularly Elaine.

Episode 5: Lauren & Sarah (S1)

In this episode, Lauren and Sarah talked their way about the start of their relationship. They both also disclosed their body issues and expectations, which is amazing to see. There are only a few who are not afraid to display their body issues.

There has been a mixed reaction regarding this episode and the couple’s problem. Some audiences even said that this particular episode was hurtful to watch. The drama is just so much more emotional than the other episodes.

While this show may be loved by many, others questioned the show’s authenticity. Nevertheless, we can’t deny that this documentary series is a breath of fresh air to everyone. Seeing a frustrating couple can give so much insights to many.

If you are a couple and want some insights about different relationships, these showtimes can help. Always be open about their own opinions and be ready about what they can say. What’s your favorite couples therapy showtime episode? Share them below!

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